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Take advantage of the biggest offer ever made. You might never have a chance like this to get:
©XSIBackup-DC + ©XSIBackup-Pro + 1 additional ©XSIBackup-DC license key for: 99.00EUR/115.00USD

And remember that all our licenses are perpetual and include 1 year of upgrades and support. Subscribing to
additional periods of support and upgrades is optional.

Free VMWare ESXi backup & replication

Differential, zero aware, deduplication, over IP, compatible with ESXi Free

Download (c)XSIBackup Datacenter

©XSIBackup works at the ESXi operating system level and uses the built in ESXi cron service to schedule backup jobs. It is managed through an SSH session as root, just as you would manage any Linux server. It has a minimum footprint on the server's resources yet offers close to hardware's theoretical limits at the time to backup data.

©XSIBackup is an extremely resilient piece of software, designed for professional system administrators that prefer reliable command line tools to fancy colourful windows. Our software is used by renowned big enterprises and public institutions in five continents. Download and try it out for free.

The standard ©XSIBackup license allows to backup up to 20 hosts with ©XSIBackup-Pro from one single crontab, or install to two hosts and backup to un unlimited number of devices with ©XSIBackup-Datacenter

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Choose your (c)XSIBackup Edition
Features Free Pro DC
Pricing Free €79
Get it! Download Buy Download
User manual Manual Manual Manual
Current version 11.2.9 11.2.19
Differential ESXi Backup & Replication tool.
Compatible with ESXi Free Edition
Backups ready to use
Differential backups
Cron programmable
Hot Backup of virtual machines
Automatic provisioning of space
No per CPU or VM number limitations
Backup over IP
Unlimited restore points -
Backup certification via checksum -
Block level deduplication. Block size: 10MB, 20MB, 50MB -
Full SSH GUI, nCurses Graphical User Interface -
E-mail support helpdesk -
Customization of e-mail report layout -
Compatible with © ESXi 7 - -
Compatible with ©XSIBackup-NAS 2.0 Storage Hub - -
Pure C implementation, 200% faster - -
Granular recovery of individual files from unlimted restore points - -
Ultra low footprint, backup your servers while in use - -
Super fast replicas via real time delta algorithm, FS and IP - -
Native binary compatible with (c)Synology NAS(root user only) - -
E-mail report layout fully customizable - -
Deduplication at 1MB selectable block size - -
Cloud backup to any SSH server - -

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Why (c)XSIBackup?
Other software (c)XSIBackup
Does not run in ESXi Free It runs in ESXi Free
Run on a separate OS Runs in the ESXi shell
Complex GB installation, third party software 2 MB in size, copy, assign permissions and use
Outcome of backups depends on Windows :-| Depends on native monolithic Linux binary
Limit the number of VMs and/ or cores No license limit per host
Have a complex twisted licensing No CPU limit, up to 20 hosts with (c)XSIBackup-Pro
Can only backup/ replicate to datastores Can backup/ replicate to ESXi and Linux over IP
Need additional devices Any regular disk can host backups and replicas
Can't detect silent corruption Can certify backups by SHA-1 algorithm
Aren't flexible, work in a fixed way Extremely flexible, can integrate in IoT schemes
Rely on windows and user action It's totally scriptable

This page was last modified on 2020-11-25

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