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Free ©VMWare ©ESXi backup & replication

Deduplication, zero aware, Changed Block Tracking, differential, IP backups via SSH, compatible with ©ESXi Free, unlimited restore points, cloud backup.

©Local backups up to 100GB
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©Local and over IP backups, checksum differential, free edition when unlicensed.
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Renew subscription Renew 1y €39/ $47
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©Full CBT support, instant differential feature, free edition when unlicensed.
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Renew subscription Renew 1y €69/ $83
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(*) ©XSIBackup-Free is the trial version for all editions, it is fully enabled during 7 days, then decays to Free version.
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©XSIBackup works at the ©ESXi hypervisor level and uses the built in ©ESXi cron service to schedule backup jobs. It is managed through an SSH session as root, just as you would manage any Linux server.

It has a minimum footprint on the server's resources yet offers close to hardware's theoretical limits at the time to backup data.

Our software has a built in block level deduplication engine. It can deduplicate data to any file system that you can mount over NFS or connect to over SSH. It needs nothing else to do it. It incorporates advanced indexing algorithms that allows it to find a block in a multi-terabyte VM in microseconds and does it at a sustained rate.

It uses little resources on your ©ESXi host, thus you can use it to backup your guest virtual machines while you use them without even noticing the load.

©XSIBackup is an extremely resilient piece of software, designed for professional system administrators that prefer reliable command line tools to fancy colourful windows. Our software is used by renowned enterprises and public institutions in five continents.

It offers features that differentiate it from all the other available solutions. It works both backing up data to local resources or over IP. This makes it the ideal tool to protect from new ©ESXi Ransomware, as you can keep your backup sets in some remote backup server authenticated through a private key, making it easier to protect and keeping backups in an isolated zone.

We offer a fully enabled trial version that you can use to try out all features until the trial period expires. Then you can still use it to backup virtual machines up to 60 GB in size to local datastores.

An nCurses GUI allows to quickly deploy backup and replication jobs as well as to test SMTP servers and run the jobs manually.

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Choose your ©XSIBackup Edition
Features Free Pro DC
Pricing Free €79
Download it! Download Download Download
Buy it! - Add to shopping cart Add to shopping cart
User manual Manual Manual Manual
Current version
Renewal - 1yRenew Pro subscription 1yRenew DC subscription
Automatic provisioning of space
Backup up to 100GB VMs (free edition limit)
Block level deduplication. Block size: 1MB, 10MB, 20MB, 50MB
Compatible with ESXi Free Edition
Cron programmable
Deduplicated supercompressed respositories (above 97% ratio) to any FS over SSH
Differential ESXi Backup & Replication tool
E-mail report layout fully customizable
Full SSH GUI, nCurses Graphical User Interface
Granular recovery of individual files from unlimted restore points
Hot Backup of virtual machines
Local backups to datastores
Native binary compatible with ©Synology NAS(root user only)
No per CPU or VM number limitations
Replicas ready to use
Ultra low footprint, backup your servers while in use
Unlimited restore points
Compatible with ©XSIDirector for automated deployments
Backup over IP-
Cloud backup to any SSH server-
E-mail support helpdesk-
Over IP backups (SSH)-
Unlimited VM size-
1 license key-
2 license keys--
CBT (Changed Block Tracking) support--

Why ©XSIBackup?
Other software ©XSIBackup
Does not run in ©ESXi Free It runs in ©ESXi Free
Run on a separate OS Runs in the ©ESXi shell
Complex GB installation, third party software 2 MB in size, copy, assign permissions and use
Outcome of backups depends on Windows :-| Depends on native monolithic Linux binary
Limit the number of VMs and/ or cores No license limit per host
Have a complex twisted licensing No CPU limit, up to 20 hosts with ©XSIBackup-Pro
Can only backup/ replicate to datastores Can backup/ replicate to ©ESXi and Linux over IP
Need additional devices Any regular disk can host backups and replicas
Can't detect silent corruption Can certify backups by SHA-1 algorithm
Aren't flexible, work in a fixed way Extremely flexible, can integrate in IoT schemes
Rely on windows and user action It's totally scriptable