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©XSIBackup-DC: management and deployment made easy

Centralized ©XSIBackup-DC management and ©ESXi host herding from the Linux command line

  • Do you need to use ©XSIBackup-DC on multiple hosts at the same time?
  • Do you have some ©ESXi Free host farm of servers and you are finding it hard to manage them?
  • Do you have one or multiple groups of ©ESXi hosts managed with vCenter and you feel you need some other way to manage those hosts from a simple command line utility that is easier to comprehend and integrate with your current tools than the currently available options?


©XSIDirector is a tool to manage farms of ©ESXi servers. One of its main features is to allow deployment of ©XSIBackup-DC software to a virtually unlimited number of ©ESXi hosts, still it can be used to run any arbitrary command, script, copy files, etc... to groups of servers defined in text files.

It also serves as a centralized GUI for multiple ©ESXi hosts, you just pass a key and a server group manageable by that key and a panel will allow you to choose the GUI to open. When you are done you are redirected to the same list.

XSIDirector main operation view

This software is designed for Linux! This software has been designed for Linux, it won't run in ©ESXi

List of remote hosts GUI

Its basic working principle is to associate RSA keys to groups of servers, exchange the keys with the servers and use them to perform any kind of action on them all.

You can create any number of keys and any number of hosts files. Whevener you invoke the 'xsi-cmd' command, you will be required to provide one key and a group of servers to which the selected action will be applied.

You can provide the RSA key and hosts file interactively or pass them through arguments to allow unattended deployments. In case you use ©XSIDirector to install ©XSIBackup to multiple servers you will need a deployment key that will be provided by us, all other options and arguments are free to use.

Please, note this is not OpenSource software, all righs are reserved. This means you can use the software free of charge, you can't modify or redistribute it though.


Using it is very simple. First of all you must prepare one or more text files with your hosts groups with the following format:


A csv file semicolon delimited with lines ending in a line break (\n) chr(10).

(*) please do pay attention to the line breaks being Linux (\n), not Windows (\r\n). If you load a file with the wrong format you will esperience unexpected results.

You can find all the details on how to use ©XSIDirector in its full manual page.