Last updated on Friday 18th of August 2023 11:53:33 AM

©XSIBackup free upgrade policy

How to use your panel to get 21 months of free upgrades

The first time you buy ©XSIBackup you receive a welcome e-mail granting you access to your user panel during one year. You also have e-mail support during one year. You can subscribe to additional one year terms of support and upgrades up to one month after the active period expires.

Your user panel will allow you to reissue your keys just as long as they aren't older than 280 days. If you allow the 280 day period to expire you won't be able to update your software. To get the maximum possible period of upgrades you must upgrade at least once during the first year since purchase or renewal plus one last time before your access to the panel expires.

The above will grant you 12 months + 280 days, which is a bit more than 21 months. Still, remember that if you don't renew before the end of the 13th month you will have to buy a new license after the 21 month period should you want to upgrade your software.

This new scheme extends the upgrades period for those not wanting to renew in a subscription fashion while still offers anybody the chance to renew their license and obtain one additional year of support and upgrades.

The responsability to meet deadlines regarding your licenses is exclusively yours, we will not attend requests for "special treatment" unless there is some error from our part.