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XSIBackup Datacenter.

Change log

    • Added: accepting EULA on first run is now mandatory.
    • Fixed: minor bugs
    • Fixed: the xsibackup.log was wiped on every new execution, now new output is appended.
    • Fixed: progress info would stuff the xsibackup.log file with every progress update in a new line, resulting in a lot of useless information being logged.
    • Improvement: request.key file is not generated unless a real command is run. We changed this behaviour as some users might prefer to install their license first. To generate a request.key file just run: ./xsibackup --request-key
    • Bug fixes: final release
    • Compatible with Synology devices as a native binary. Requires to configure root access to the Synology appliance.
    • The --link-srv action will work out of the box for user root. All other users different than root store their configuration files at custom paths in Synology NAS devices, thus by now you need to perform the key exchange manually.
    • Small bug fixes and output texts retouch
    • Unified log subsystem for client and server.
    • Improved --check routine with more accurate progress and some bugs fixed. Before this version it would report small files as K.O. due to being smaller than the block size, which was a gross bug.
    • Accumulated time added to the output and the e-mail report.
    • Last errors data added to the e-mail report footer. It can handle up to 8KB of errors, beyond that point you must consult the error.log file.
    • Rotating data can now be achieved from an IP client, before the --rotate option was only available in local backups.
    • Bug fix: signal handling in the IP server side would send a 13 signal to the client when triggering jobs from the cron, which would in turn record it in the log. It caused no additionalissues, apart from overpopulating the xsibackup.log file.
    • The way to use ciphers has been improved and normalized. (c)XSIBackup-DC will pick the ciphers defined in the ssh_ciphers variable inside the etc/xsibackup.conf file. You may supersede the default list of ciphers by using the --ssh-ciphers argument in the command line. By doing so the default list of ciphers is replaced by your own custom one.

      To set a custom list of ciphers, you need to find out which ciphers are available in your OpenSSH build in order to not get a cipher negotiation error. It is arguable whether OpenSSH should simply ignore an unknown cipher, but the truth is that you must be careful as a single mismatch will cause an error.

      You may also use the --options=L switch, which is equivalent to set a light encryption deprecated list of ciphers or "Less Secure Ciphers" like:
    • --backup-how argument is introduced. It works the same way as in the Classic XSIBackup edition, it can take one of 3 values: hot (default), cold and warm.
    • etc/xsibackup.conf file is now functional, allowing the user to tweak some general scope variables
    • Trial Version notice appeared on every execution even if the server had been just restarted. This was a bug, the Trial Version limits have been restored.
    • Improved progress information, now offering simultaneous per file and global percentages in real time
    • Fixed bug in open port detection prior to performing action, non standard ports could not be used in over IP transfers
    • Support for ALL and RUNNING has been added in the virtual machine selection syntax, i.e: "VMs(ALL)" and "VMs(RUNNING)"
    • Automatic removal of backup snapshot when the backup process is aborted by a Ctrl+C condition
    • We have redesigned PID management to make it more usable and avoid loops
    • Bug fixes mainly
    • HTML report may pick templates from the /var/html folder. Templates must be named 000 to 999 and placed in this folder as: 000.html, 001.html, 002.html and so on.

      You can design whatever HTML layout you wish and then include the <!-- PLACEHOLDER REPORT --> comment in its own line. You may then invoke the template by using the option --html-template=NNN
    • Extended HTML report functionality, fall back options and SMTP servers panel at /etc/smtpsrvs.conf.
    • Basic HTML report functionality.
    • Fixed the "Permanently added 'a.b.c.d' (RSA) to the list of known hosts" error on reboot.
    • Added --exclude argument. Allows to exclude disks by parsing a REGEXP pattern. If you want to exclude multiple disks use the --or-- operator in your REGEXP
    • Added --update-cron=[user] action. Inserts the user crontab contents into its corresponding ESXi user crontab
    • Added --install-cron=[user] action. Adds the user crontab to the ESXi /etc/rc.local.d/ file, so that crontabs are persistent across reboots
    • Added --uninstall-cron=[user] action. Removes the user's crontab from the /etc/rc.local.d/ You still must comment or remove the cron lines and --update-cron=[user] to completely disable cron jobs for that user
    • --check=full action redesigned.
This page was las modified on 2019-10-16

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