Last updated on Monday 28th of February 2022 08:52:48 PM

Refund Policy.

Please, read our refund policy before buying

All our products are downloadable software and they are available for the public to download as trial versions. You have the chance to try the product out and decide whether it fulfils your needs before buying.

When you buy one of our products you acquire one or more license keys that you can generate in your user area and which are bound to a hardware key generated by your operating system.

You may request a refund just as long as you haven't generated any license keys for your products. Once the license keys have been generated no refund requests will be accepted. In case only some of the acquired license keys have been generated, we will fulfil a partial refund on the keys that haven't been used so far.

We will not accept refund requests beyond 10 days since the purchase order.

Refunds are done through the Credit Card processors, which in turn apply different methods to refund your money to your account. You may need to wait some days to see the statement in your account.