33HOPS remote support tariffs.

Applicable to XSIBackup and to any of our knowledge fields.

Flexible plans

Service plan Response Price/h Add to cart
Under Demand Support Up to 48 h. 59.00EUR/ 59.00USD Add to shopping cart
10 h. of Paquetized Support Same day 49.00EUR/ 49.00USD Add to shopping cart
Frame Contract 4. h 43.00EUR/ 43.00USD Contact Us

Remote support
We offer three types of service plans to cover different needs. You can prepay hours at your own pace for punctual support requests as per our Under Demand Support service plan, or buy 10 h. packs with a 17% discount and improved availability according to Paquetized Support service plan.

For longer term contracts we offer an anual Frame Contract with an additional discount and inmediate availability. A minimum of 100 yearly hours must be bought to sign a Frame Contract. The anual fee is payable in Jan and July.

We usually attend all service requests within the same day, nevertheless we give priority to Frame Contract clients over Paquetized Support clients and the latter over Under Demand clients. If due to a punctual overload we cannot attend your request within the contractual response time frame, you'll be elegible for a full refund of the non consumed hours.

A weekly report worksheet is issued for Frame Contracts and Paquetized Support.
Under demand support documentation will consist in a detailed invoice.

Guaranteed resolution

Before actually beginning to perform some job we will tell you whether we can do it or not and we'll give you an estimation on the time it will take to accomplish it based in our experience.

The scope of work will be defined in written form starting with 10 h. packages, so that both parts know exactly what will be delivered upon completion.

If for whatever reason we can't fulfil the solicited job and the reason for that is attributable to us we will return your prepaid hours and offer you some alternative.

This is a guarantee that you will receive the contracted work in the pre-agreed terms.

Detailed worksheets

We provide detailed weekly worksheets on the jobs performed in the previous week. We can offer that information in any of the following formats: CSV comma delimited, PDF, MS Word or MS Excel.

The worksheets consists in an excerpt of the jobs performed during the day and the number of hours consumed to fulfil them. Time fractions will be passed on to the following day or week cell.