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©XSIBackup Licensing

Free, Standard and Enterprise Volume Licensing Explained

Types of licenses

We offer three different types of licenses. Choose the type of license that better suits your needs:
1 - Free license.
2 - Standard license.
3 - Enterprise volume license.
All licenses are perpetual, that means that you pay once and use forever. Once you acquire a license you are entitled to download all new versions that we release and generate license keys during a one year period.

Subscriptions: grants you access to your user panel during an additional one year term which in turn allows you to get all upgrades that we produce during that one year period, generate new license keys and request support. You may choose not to subscribe to updates and buy a newer version license when you need it.

Your license title is your invoice, whether it encompasses a single license or multiple licenses. When you resell the software you must add the original license number, that is: your invoice number as emitted by us, to your resell invoice. You may make slight modifications to the invoice number format, just as long as it continues to be readable for us to trace it.
Free license:

We believe license texts must be clear and concise. The simpler and easier to understand a license text is, the more protection get the parts involved.

WE RESERVE ALL RIGHTS of all our intellectual property, that means that the code remains propietary, nonetheless we grant you some privileges under some conditions clearly expressed in the license text.

You are allowed to use this software for personal or commercial use. You are allowed to redistribute it without any modification on a one to one base. You can modify it's source code freely just as long as you do not redistribute the modified source code.
On addition we offer two main commercial license types:
Standard License

• ©XSIBackup Pro & DC Standard license allows you to install to one or more hosts depending on the number of license.key files included with each license (see product features). From those hosts you may backup to an unlimited number of devices able to run ©XSIBackup as a server. The trial version is only limited in regards to the client use, the server function is free to use on any number of devices.

Enterprise Volume Licenses

In case you own a high number of servers and you want to use ©XSIBackup-DC to back them up, you can buy a volume license.

We basically offer two types of volume license:

1 - Unlimited One Site Licenses:

This kind of licensing allows to use the software in one physical address in up to 30 servers. This may be a branch office or Data Center belonging to one organization identified by a unique fiscal Id issued by the competent authorities of your country.

2 - Unlimited Global Licenses:

This licensing modality allows to use the software in up to 120 servers in any number of physical locations belonging to one organization identified by a unique fiscal Id issued by the competent authorities of your country. Regional or country branches are usually separate fiscal entities. In case you represent a Global Firm with multiple local branches you may contact us for a personalized contract encompassing the total number of servers and all local branches.

(*) Licensing & your clients

All of our products, and most any other software out there, entitles the buyer to use the software on hardware that is an accounting asset of the organization or individual that acquires the software. You may not use it to give service to your customers' hardware per instance, unless you resell the license to your client and thus your customer becomes the legal owner of the license. You may on the contrary use it to backup your customers' data while hosted on your own servers.

Contact us should you have any doubt