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Client reviews

Name: bbp
Organization: Indirect Taxation Authority Bosnia and Herzegovina
Comment: very good tool for efficient vms backups. a lot of features that could be used for various backup strategy. highly recommended for every administrator who is dealing with backups of vms on vmware infrastructure.

Name: gnusgnus
Organization: Produktivitetsutveckling AB / BSDHome AB

Name: magnus
Organization: produktivitetsutveckling ab
Comment: hi! i have had en emazing help form support as system administrator it not that often i am using command line but fell very familar with it. i havent used the xsibackup that much sins march becourse of som failiure with the ssh engine combine with ssl.

Name: norbert schmidt
Organization: Homelab / Home Automization
Comment: great tool to create regular vm-mirror (ready to be turned on immediately) and to create backups. setup is simple, yet highly customizable. the footprint is, in comparison to other tools, really small. support is provided instantly. very well done!

Name: bzekanovic
Organization: bishop fox (
Comment: you guys have been amazing when it comes to your product, and especially your support. i've worked with some "enterprise" vendors and they can't even match your customer support. thank you and keep up the good work. bz

Name: michael bosshard
Organization: Support und Beratung, bern
Comment: amazing piece of software! after hours of testing and researching, we discovered xsibackup-pro. we're very happy with it, highly recommended!

Name: andbec0909
Organization: BL-O IT-Dienstleistungen
Comment: To offer the software free to test it out is great. The price for the license is OK.

Name: thomas s.
Organization: K&K Auktionen Heidelberg
Comment: this is exactly what we needed for backing up all of our vms. there is no fancy gui, but this is not neccessary, with the help of the command switches you can achieve all functionality that is needed. further there is to say that the support is very good!

Name: Greg Wilson
Organization: summerland credit union
Comment: great product. useful & reliable.

Name: manfred jacobi
Organization: Jacobi Computersysteme
Comment: good work ! good support !

Name: robo
Organization: 800 response marketing
Comment: i love the software and the concept. especially the dedupe stores and the price. 3 stars, as it is maybe 30% reliable. i'm constantly to remove pid files despite the processes not running.

Name: camille clayton
Organization: Organic Retailer - USA
Comment: this program has been a great help in the migration to virtual servers, in our 17 remote sites. we have successfully recovered within hours, from two crashes, thanks to this program.

Name: Arindrew
Organization: Focused Support, LLC

Name: hkti
Organization: Hong Kong Technology
Comment: it is a brilliant application for sme, efficient and affordable, keep on good work !! thanks.

Name: joshua
Organization: Global Mission IT
Comment: this is a great product and support has been wonderful. the setup was not as straightforward as the instruction suggest, which is why i have rated it a 4 out of 5. our setup took a skype call with a developer to finalize things. but it works well!

Name: it digger
Organization: Digger Foundation
Comment: xsibackup-pro is the perfect solution for our small, non-profit, foundation. it is simple to install and use. it is very efficient and reliable at doing its job :). the support staff is excellent and answer quickly to your questions.

Name: tjensen
Organization: SH Landestheater
Comment: very powerful and simple to configure. great tool.

Name: kyle lynch
Organization: KJS Holdings inc
Comment: solid & reliable. would be nice to have a web front end to configure backups and see reports.

Name: stefano carlucci
Organization: Microarea s.p.a.
Comment: i'm using it on 4 esxi (3 in a virtual center, 1 standalone) and i found xsibackup-pro better in some points then vmware vdp advanced. the only problem i had was with vitual center which seems trigger cron 3 times per minute for each esxi.

Name: paul
Organization: An NGO in Norway
Comment: no fancy gui to click yourself through - but even with only basic command shell skills you can set this up with little effort. very good value for money, which is perfect for our low budget - it does everything we need, and it does it well.

Name: Ignacio
Organization: Emerita Market

Name: bufo
Organization: Leadec s.r.o.
Comment: xsibackup-pro is very usefull for our backups we would need backup process with deleting old backups with daily settings for example switch> --backup-del[=nnn(d)] >will older backups than n days in current folder (we use --date-dir switch)

Name: SvJL
Organization: A/S Vest-tex
Comment: Have been using XSIBACKUP-PRO for about a Year and are very satisfied with ste product. As always there are tiny bits and pieces You could wish for changes. But there are steadly updates and improvements made.

Organization: MYCLOUDDOOR
Comment: XSI BACKUP is the fastest backup system we have ever used. It is unbelievable how fast and cheap is this product . We strongly recommend XSI backup to any organization. MARCOS MYCLOUDDOOR

Name: madmucho
Organization: Webmax Biz
Comment: working simple all in one solution for backup, you set once, running forever.

Name: volker ackermann
Comment: xsibackup-pro efficient feature rich esxi backup program comparable with the big names (acronis, veeam), minus their blooded software. excellent support, small and elegant, great value for smb especially. well worth leaning it's cli. >highly recommended<

Name: thomas dalla piazza
Organization: Digger DTR
Comment: very simple and straight forward backup solution. performance is there except through ssh. very reactive team and good support. thanks for the excellent job.

Name: rodericus
Organization: Legium LTD
Comment: great software save me time and money.

Name: Ronald
Organization: Big BidCo
Comment: Excellent program!!!! The first option in this class of system. Great value and sostanible . Four stars☆☆☆☆

Name: Pal
Organization: Spirit UK
Comment: A genuine and excellent company with a great suite of products.

Name: bernhard
Organization: Hyperwave
Comment: we are working with xsibackup-pro for about 6 months now and are very satisfied with the software and with the support! the price is fair, compared to other vm backup solutions it's even a bargain. we alsolike that there are many different backup options.

Name: bibi40k
Organization: home user
Comment: i bought the pro, i'm satisfied but i'm not a very experienced user :)

Name: alex
Organization: Audifilm
Comment: best software i discovered for the backup management of my vmware esxi servers.

Name: Mohammed
Organization: Softmove
Comment: great app. keep the good work going

Name: ale
Organization: AB-Tech
Comment: i don't have a problem, i scheduled my backup and works all fine. thank you

Name: jayce
Organization: f.f.tir
Comment: xsibackup is a very powerful tool and the free version is really awesome. the pro version gives some useful features (even if not mandatory) and a really fast support. i really like it !!!

Name: Ricardo
Organization: Watlow
Comment: In the company we have been using XSIBackup since 2016 when it was XSiBackup-Pro and later in 2020 we moved to XSIBackup-DC. XSIBackup has been an amazing tool to backup all VM servers in the company and the documentation offered by 33Hops has been invaluable to solve any question about the program operation. I highly recommend XSIBackup-DC as a very reliable backup tool with a reasonable cost.

Name: Madmucho
Organization: Webmax
Comment: Set and forget solution for backup ESX Environment.

Name: marco
Organization: dataip
Comment: good product, and great support from daniel.

Name: g3
Organization: PDC..
Comment: A good product keeps getting better. We love it. Thanks for your hard work.

Name: haroldsnippert
Organization: A&RT
Comment: works great. using it for over a year now. first used veeam .syntax takes some work, but there is a test posibility that works excellent. i run daily backups that never fail. restored machines always funtion. excellent!

Name: ggraham2
Organization: pdc.
Comment: the new restore feature makes the process a whole lot easier. it is nice to start out with a product that grow with your needs and provides excellent support.

Name: gbsigp3
Organization: gbsi
Comment: great product, easy to use! we love it!

Name: Walter
Organization: PVS
Comment: Four stars for value for money, could have been five, but sometimes between versions there are som "glitches", meaning functions that worked perfectly before suddenly render an error.

Name: ggraham2
Organization: PDC
Comment: this is a tool everyone with exsi or exsi free should use. it has save me a lot of down time during flash drive failure and maintenance cycles.

Name: Oscar Alvarez
Organization: tsb
Comment: great software

Name: jimmy
Organization: IT

Name: Harry
Comment: Great software. Works really fast and smooth. Worth the difference vs. Pro version. I recommend.

Name: Luigi
Comment: Great compromise!! Is there when you need it.

Name: Coke
Comment: It’s a great job, keep it up!

Name: mastermind323
Comment: Just Beautiful. GUI is icing on the cake.

Name: Marcoi
Comment: I been using XSIBACKUP for years now. I love that the product is always being updated and the dev team is quick to respond when there are issues detected. At this point I really have no major issues.

Name: Seb59115
Comment: Very usefull application, sometime crash in some sitations and turning back to Terminal without error. The GUI provides good things

Name: schweidj
Comment: Perfect tool for backing up esxi-vm´s. I´m using it since several years and it saved my life several times.

Name: swissnoise
Comment: Please rearrange webpage for better search/navigation to resources (user manual, the command parameter list, clear separation what is in free or pro and what is only accessible in the customer center/portal/login) -English could be improved.

Name: Sandor Csucsai
Comment: My friend recommended it, and tested it with some skeptical attitude. I thought it was another software that only promises... Then came the surprise that he was doing his job accurately and reliably. It was totally worth buying. Nice work. Thanks. :)

Name: FotoFieber
Comment: Does what it is intended to do. Perdectly fit my home lab setup.

Name: Derilium
Comment: Excellent bit of software, been using it for years and it has been outstanding. would recommend to anyone

Name: digger foundation
Comment: for our non-profit foundation, xsibackup-pro is the best solution for us. the product is easy to install, use, and the support is fast and precise. it allow us to backup our virtual machines with ease in complete security.

Name: futuro

Name: ken

Name: syzygy
Comment: perfect product, nice updates each version. and for a good price.

Name: raptorman
Comment: i have worked with veeam, symantec and yes they have a gui but for the investment this is by far the best product i have used. the command line is not complicated and the results are awesome. great product a++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Name: madmucho
Comment: easy small and working app, what else need. so i want better changelog. maibe in new version mail put changelog from previous version. rework 33hops webpage to be more accuate or make xsibackup separate page pu help, changelog download and howt

Name: marcoi
Comment: i been using xsibackup for several years, when they decided to release a pro version it was an easy decision to purchase. great product and support for it. i look forward to using pro version for the next few years.

Name: glenndm
Comment: new xsi backup pro user after brief use of the free version. finally i found a backup system to my liking: efficient, fast, lightweight, unobtrusive. and all that at a very affordable price. + fast & friendly response (even with the free version)

Name: steve
Comment: good overall work but you need more regression testing on new releases.

Name: mark
Comment: great software, great support, works as advertised and is an integral part of my backup/dr plan.

Name: hal9000
Comment: great job

Name: mogaga
Comment: great app. really useful. quick and easy to use.

Name: Uxio Artabria
Comment: this is. what for long time i been in need of. *****

Name: alutor
Comment: this is just what i needed.