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VMWare backup solution for ESXi 5.1, 5.5 & 6.X
Low cost yet effective VMWare backup tool for vSphere ESXi Hypervisor.

VMWare Backup, ESXi solution for vSphere version ESXi 5.1, 5.5, 6.0 & 6.5. XSIBACKUP-PRO is a low cost backup and disaster recovery solution for VMWare vSphere. Works on the free version of ESXi. vSphere Data Protection alternative.

XSIBACKUP-PRO is the ideal disaster recovery solution for server admins. With XSIBACKUP-PRO you can backup terabyte VMs in minutes, schedule backup jobs, run backups locally or make any server you manage run a backup. You can customize the look&feel of the report e-mail on every execution to match your corporative design or your client's.

XSIBACKUP-PRO is among the lightest yet most efficient vmware backup solutions in the market. if on top of that you consider the price, you'll inevitably reach the conclusion that is probably the best choice for any skilled system's administrator. XSIBackup follows the UNIX philosophical principle of offering a set of tools that can interact with each other up to a point where the sys admin can design his/her own backup procedure according to his own requirements with a very high degree of freedom. Nevertheless it also allows you to run conventional backups by just parsing a few arguments to the command line. You can start your first backup in some minutes and add complexity as you roll and at your own pace. © XSIBACKUP-PRO backups are ready to be switched on at the backup location (except XSITools and Borg backups which are kept in repositories and need to be restored).

With XSIBACKUP-PRO you can manage many servers' backups from one single XSIBackup installation. Simply add the argument to any cron line and have that XSIBackup command executed to that machine. XSIBackup will store the remote XSIBackup session log locally so that you don't even have to login in the other hosts to have an overview of the whole backup at a datacenter level. The EULA of XSIBACKUP-PRO allows you to manage up to 20 ESXi servers from one single crontab. If you need a license for a higher number of servers, please check our Enterprise licensing plans. If you represent a Non Governmental Organization, please contact us to get your special price.

Professional features
Unlimited VMs, one time payment.
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  • • Current version 9.1.8 | view change log.
  • • Backup ESXi configuration.
  • • Perpetual license, free upgrades during one year.
  • • SMTP server panel: use multiple SMTP servers referenced by Id.
  • • Customize XSIBackup e-mail report appearance.
  • • ESXi 6.5.0 compatible.
  • • Control and backup 20 ESXi hosts from one point.
  • • Chain actions upon backup end, other backup jobs or external progs/ URLs.
  • • Certify backups, compare data disks hashes upon backup completion.
  • • Warm backups, maximum compatibility, minimum downtime.
  • • © OneDiff Technology: instant hot diff backups to DS & over IP.
  • • Borg Backup support: block level + compression de-duplication backend.
  • • © XSINAS: block-level deduplication backup device.
  • • © XSITools: block-level de-duplication plus LZO compression.
  • And much more...
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Give me a good reason to buy the Pro version

1/ First and most obvious, is that you will enjoy professional features that are far beyond what you are probably expecting. Next image is a real screenshot of a OneDiff backup done on development hardware (Intel i3, 16 Gb RAM, regular SATA Seagate HD). We like to use commodity hardware (except the NICs), not only because it's cheaper, but because it pushes us to squeeze our ideas ;-)

OneDiff Backup Times

Backup times are calculated against the real data present on disk, not the full size including zeros..

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 XSIbackup Pro vs XSIBackup Free, compare features.
Feature © XSIBackup
© XSIBackup
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Price Free 99,00 EUR
105.00 USD
Renewals (additional 1y. suscription) - 39,00 EUR
43.00 USD
Compatible with the free and commercial versions of VMWare ESXi, from ESXi 5.1 upwards.
Command line tool with real time output, self contained, runs directly in the hypervisor.
Cron programmable. Your backup tasks will be run automatically.
Hot Backup of virtual machines, no downtime.
Automatic provisioning of space by deleting the older folders when backup disks are full.
Backup rotation with user definable disk space to use.
SSL secured transfers.
Create SSL-trust durable transparent access between servers.
E-mail report.
S.M.A.R.T. report.
E-mail helpdesk  -
Backup ESXi configuration. -
Use --date-dir option in IP backups -
Free upgrades during one year -
Customize XSIBackup e-mail on every execution -
Fire events onsuccess & onerror, shell and HTTP -
© XSITools: block-level de-duplication with LZO compression over VMFS. Backup your VMs to a de-duplicated storage repository and multiply your storage room. -
Certify backups, compare hashes upon backup completion -
Perform Warm backups, compatible with any OS -
Centralize backups in one master server -
© OneDiff Technology: instant diff backups to DS & over IP -
Extended Rsync Support to a great variety of OSs & NAS devices (Linux/ Unix) -
© XSINAS: inline block-level deduplication appliance -
Borg Backup: deduplication + compression backend support -
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