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#1 Re: General matters » Xsibackup on vcenter managed ESXi machinines » 2017-08-27 20:13:25


On my side I am using vcenter (essential version) which is managing my two esxi hosts with xsibackup without any problems.
On my esxi hosts I have well activated ssh and esxi shell (have you well activated ssh on your esxi hosts directly ?).

From my experience there is no locking back of SSH access to hosts once "taken" by with vcenter.
Double check fact that your esxi hosts still have the ssh access allowed, perhaps your new "vcenter administrator" has disable them.

Just for your additional info about using xsibackup with vcenter :

Once taken by vcenter the problem with xsibackup is about the naming of datastores as vcenter do not allow same names on local datastores of hosts.

For example if you have local datastore called "RAID" on both esxi hosts.
Once managed by vcenter the local datastores name will be "RAID" for first esxi AND for second it will be automatically named to "RAID1".

So just be aware about it too, you may need to change it in your scripts parameters :

For first esxi host :

For second esxi host :

Hope it may help.

#2 Rsync » Proposal : Bandwidth - Rsync / Onediff » 2017-08-27 19:51:40

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Here is just an suggestion about adding a parameter to the script to allow setting the bandwidth limitation of rsync "--bwlimit".
I have not tried it by changing the command in the script yet but I think it may be a useful option :
(Moreover as OneDiff transfer is also using rsync it may be for both rsync + onediff)

- In case of long remote backup and in a environment with router without bandwidth management (during working days of the week).
(I have tested backup for first time this weekend but it take long time, using "onediff:z")

- It may also be a good option to check backup time in local configuration by limiting bandwidth to the one of wan connection.

In addition here is a feedback of my case, my backups were faster before using OneDiff when I was doing following :
- Local backup of virtual machine on a NAS using NFS share (backup using ghettoVCB)
- Then Rsync the backup folders on my remote NAS (using rsync tool of the NAS)

I will try make a backup with "rsync:z" instead of "onediff:z" to check it.

#3 Re: © OneDiff » Change port on remote host » 2017-08-27 19:30:25

Than for your answer, I have not thinked about open it in esxi firewall indeed...
Thank !

#4 © OneDiff » Change port on remote host » 2017-08-26 08:40:33

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I have tested OneDiff in my local network (using port 22) for a while and I want now transfer my target host for remote backup.
As I already have port 22 used in remote destination I have used 2222 and forwarded it.

After checking log here is the error :

2017-08-26T07:10:04|  [0;36mADVICE: no SSD disks, please consider adding an SSD cache disk to improve performance[0m
2017-08-26T07:10:06|  [0;31mThe server --backup-point=xxxxxxx.com:2222:/vmfs/volumes/RAID/BACKUP-VW does not exist[0m
2017-08-26T07:10:06|  [0;31mMake sure there is an SSH server listening on port 2222 and that the firewall allows this connection[0m

I have tested by opening and forward port 22 not 2222 and all worked ok.
But I do not want to keep port 22 opened.

Have you already observed this problem ?

Best regards,

#5 General matters » Snapshot error - MBR-GPT - Win server 2008 » 2017-08-14 16:53:59

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I am posting in free forum as I think it do not do any difference between free / pro looking to this problem but I am using pro version.

Until now I was backing up my machines with no any main problem expect fact that my win servers 2008-R2 were MBR so I get following information :

017-08-13T09:00:25|  Snapshot & Quiescing
2017-08-13T09:00:25|  [SVR2008-R2] info: the VM cannot be quiesced, change MBR to GPT or apply workaround...
2017-08-13T09:00:26|  [SVR2008-R2] info: snapshot taken, quiescing status: NO (guest OS incompatibility)

I have then changed my servers 2008-R2 from MBR to GPT/UEFI, then got following error message from now :

"error CLCRESN1: cannot create snapshot, details: Create Snapshot:
Create snapshot failed"

This is quite troublesome as until now backup was going smoothly even if no quiescing on server 2008.
Also after looking at my V-Center events I see the following error when snapshot fail :

Error code 5
Error message : 'VssSyncStart' operation failed: IDispatch error #8454 (0x80042306)

It looks like the Vss Snapshot fail on guests servers.
I have searched for any workaround, without solution.

Obviously the parameter "--snapshot=dontquiesce" allow to make backup.
But I have now to add some additional commands in cron file to make snapshots quiescing on other machines.

Daniel are you aware of this problem ?
Perhaps if this problem is always occurring on server 2008 you can also check for Guest info "windows7Server64Guest" to do not make quiescing too ?

Anyway I want to thank you for you product and good job (I was using GhettoVCB previously) !


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