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#1 General matters » Report sent to multiple recipients? » 2021-01-28 01:06:51

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Hi, on a scheduled backup job, is it possible to send reports to more than 1 recipient?
I'm running the latest version of Pro, and using the text GUI, when I try and add a second recipient, it just removes the previous one...

#2 Re: General matters » Can't install XSI free - need /scratch (solved) » 2021-01-05 20:37:10

It will delete if it's the same directory and names.
Should you delete, I'd say it depends on how much space do you have for your backups, how many backups you want to keep, or how long you want to keep them for.
In my backup job conf file (in the conf directory), I use the following argument:
--date-dir=yes \
Which means it create a new directory each time, named with the backup date
I also use this:
--backup-room=400 \
Which means it won't use more than 400GB of space.
That way, my backups run, and when the space taken by previous backups reaches 400GB, xsibackup delete older backups to make room. That allows me to keep a few backups, and not use too much space.
Maybe you can try using the same arguments, adjusting the backup-room value to your environment and see if that works for you?
Hope this makes sense, and helps!

#3 Re: General matters » smtpsrvs issue » 2021-01-04 21:20:25

Ah, that explains it!
Everything else seems ok, apart from smtp. Thank you

#4 General matters » smtpsrvs issue » 2021-01-04 03:31:41

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When upgrading from ESXi 6.7 to 7, my XSIBackup got wiped, somehow (everything else is fine) eventhough it was installed on a datastore. Anyway, email notifications used to work. I re-installed XSIBackup, configured the jobs and SMTP again, but I can't get it to work.
If I test the SMTP setting using --check-smtp, it returns the following:

Error: cannot determine the e-mail server credentials, each smtpsrvs entry requires seven fields, please check syntax

the smtpsrvs file exists in the conf directory. I've followed the example from the file, and it won't work, whatever I try.
Even if I uncomment the example that's in the file by default, it returns the same error. AM I missing something obivous? Has anything changed with the latest version of XSIbackup?
I'm running 11.12.9

One thing that's confusing is that the instructions in the file say:

Columns are separated by colons as described below
# One server per line pledging to the following format (please, do note that the server IP or FQDN and port are separated by a colon)

but the example has columns separated by semi-colons. And on my previous working system, it was definitely semi-colons.
Either way, I tried both semi-colons and colons, doesn't make a difference, still returns the same error:

Error: cannot determine the e-mail server credentials, each smtpsrvs entry requires seven fields, please check syntax

Thanks for any suggestions!

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