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#1 2019-02-10 21:00:35

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GUI not working with TERM=xterm-color

Just in case this is useful to anyone else experiencing the same problem...

I upgraded to xsibackup-pro with the new GUI menu system and I was completely unable to run the GUI.  Trying to launch the xsibackup script just failed and dropped me silently back to the command prompt.

The fix was to change my TERM environment variable from "xterm-color" to "xterm" using this command:

export TERM=xterm

After updating that variable, the xsibackup script worked as expected with the GUI menus.

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#2 2019-02-11 15:11:50

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Re: GUI not working with TERM=xterm-color

Thank you for the feedback, you have that information in the first page of the manual:


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