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#1 2018-03-02 15:09:24

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Combining OneDiff and Full Backups

I recently read your blog posting from 2-27-18 in which it is discussed combining Differential and Full Backups.  I would like to be able to combine those task myself.  So I have come up with a example of combining those two task and wanted to get confirmation that I am on the right track.

My proposed crontab file would contain the following commands

# Differential backup performed via OneDiff
/vmfs/volumes/datastore1/xsi-dir/xsibackup --time="Mon 17:30|Tue 17:30|Wed 17:30|Thu 17:30|Fri 17:30|Sat 17:30|Sun 17:30" --backup-point=/vmfs/volumes/MacNFS/XSIBackupVMS --backup-how=hot --backup-type=custom --backup-vms="Windows 10 x64 Pro" --backup-prog=OneDiff --date-dir=no

# Full backups performed just Mon, Wed, Fri due to space limitations on backup target
/vmfs/volumes/datastore1/xsi-dir/xsibackup --time="Mon 22:30||Wed 22:30||Fri 22:30" --backup-point=/vmfs/volumes/MacNFS/XSIBackupVMS --backup-how=hot --backup-type=custom --backup-vms="Windows 10 x64 Pro" --backup-prog=vmkfstools --date-dir=yes

Does this look correct?  If you have a better example, feel free to post it.



#2 2018-03-02 17:17:06

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Re: Combining OneDiff and Full Backups

Yes, that should work, in any case (c) OneDiff algorithm version shipped with XSIBackup-Free lacks any kind of integrity check, so I would not use XSIBackup-Free's (c)OneDiff in a production environment, it's there for users to have the chance to try it, know what it is and what they can expect from it.

Trivial check and backup certification are fundamental tools, as ESXi's snapshotting system is far from perfection.


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