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#1 2021-09-26 21:39:20

From: Munich
Registered: 2019-07-08
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XSIBackup-DC Backup CBT-enabled _XSIREP VMs


In my backup scenario, I start with replicating my original VM with --replica=cbt and --options=R to receive a registered _XSIREP VM. Then, I would like to --backup=cbt the registered _XSIREP VM. Therefore, I ran --enable-cbt first on the _XSIREP VM. This seem to work fine.

Nevertheless, when starting --backup=cbt onto the _XSIREP VM, I receive the following error message:

be enabled, run --enable-cbt="<vm>_XSIREP" first
2021-09-26T17:29:33 | Error code 216 at file signal.c, line 216 | Error description: raised SIGTERM (11) (2) in job, total errors: 11, check error.log

The error.log does not report anything beyond this.

What did I miss? --replica-cbt works fine after having performed --enable-cbt on the respective VM, but this procedure does not seem to work when using --backup=cbt.

Best regards,


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