Last updated on Monday 28th of February 2022 08:52:48 PM

Linux development

Give toys up and come to the world where things don't fail

We provide Linux custom development services. We are used to work in hybrid environments where different types of systems must interexchange data.

We know the stack from the lower level library or binary component development to higher level programming of web or desktop interfaces.

Shell development

The Linux shell offers a way to achieve almost limitless results with a minimum investment. Scripting data flow tasks in some shell language: Bash, Python, Perl, etc... combines the effectiveness of the technologies that move the world with unbeatable time to market figures.

Shell development No matter whether you are in need of a data format conversion tool, loading spreadsheets into a database or processing audio files, there is a great chance that using the Linux shell will offer you the best results.

We will rapidly develop the logic of your tool in some shell language and use the power of binary tools to do the hard work so that you get the most out of your hardware.

If you are doing nothing but increasing the RAM and CPU capacity of your servers, you may not be doing it the wisest way. Contact us and allow us to asses you on what are your best options.

Binary development

In case you have highly specialized needs with a strong efficiency requirement, you will need to make use of lower level technology.

If you are working in the limits of what technology can do, you aren't probably going to find many matches in your search of somebody willing to take the job on. No matter whether you need to process billions of base pairs or run some data mining algorithm on terabytes of data, optimizing some subprocess to fewer clock cycles can be the difference between success or failure.

If on top of that you need people that can offer you some out of the box perspective on the matter, you can divide that by ten.

If you have some multimillion budget you may be able to contact the big dogs in development. If that's not the case, contact us and let us know about your project. We love technology, you will not bother us.