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#1 2021-06-15 09:15:59

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When you quote movies you should quote them correctly ;)

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you write
> And, as Mr. Mijagui stated in the 80's: "with great power comes great responsability".

First the name is Mr. Miyagi
second it is "responsibility" not "responsability"
third, Mr. Miyagi said things like "Fighting always last answer to problem." but never "with great power comes great responsibility" - that was Uncle Ben from Spiderman who said this.



#2 2021-06-15 10:56:41

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Re: When you quote movies you should quote them correctly ;)

Thank you for your feedback, we can see that there are other old dogs around this forum ;-)
We made the amendments which will be visible when the CDN cache is refreshed.

Given that Mr. Miyagui is a Japanese name, I believe there isn't any right spelling for it, as it's just a phonetic interpretation of the original name.

I'd swear Mr. Miyagui said that in Karate Kid. Nonetheless that's an archetypal character: the wise old master, I bet Yoda said something similar sometime.


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