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#1 2020-04-08 07:29:54

Registered: 2020-04-08
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--backup-room not removing old backups, crazy read on free space

Here's my backup job.

"/vmfs/volumes/datastore1/xsi-dir/xsibackup" \
--backup-prog=xsitools \
--backup-point=/vmfs/volumes/backup \
--backup-type=running \
--backup-how=Hot \
--backup-room=700 \
--mail-from=... \
--mail-to=... \
--smtp-srv=... \
--smtp-port=25 \
--smtp-usr=... \
--smtp-pwd=... \
--backupid=001 \
--exec=yes >> "/vmfs/volumes/datastore1/xsi-dir/var/logs/xsibackup.log"

Backup directory is mounted via NFS.

Log from last backup

2020-04-08T02:51:21|  Checking the size of the (c)XSITools repository...
2020-04-08T02:51:21|  The (c)XSITools repository is 0Mb in size
2020-04-08T02:51:21|  There's still 751619276800 Mb available, no need to prune the repo

Where did this free space came from? Below, my df -h

Filesystem   Size   Used Available Use% Mounted on
NFS         10.5T   6.7T      3.8T  64% /vmfs/volumes/backup

Here's .xsitools file

Desc: XSITools Repo v 1.0.0
Bsiz: 52428800
Bcnt: 18068
Comp: 0


My backup is now about 920GB..

Please, help :-|

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#2 2020-04-09 12:13:00

Registered: 2017-04-21
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Re: --backup-room not removing old backups, crazy read on free space

You should not be using --backup-prog=xsitools with ©XSIBackup-Free, it is a test feature which will not allow to restore backups unless you buy ©XSIBackup-Pro, use some other backup program instead, we recommend that you use --backup-prog=Vmkfstools


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