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Replica VS Backup differences


Could you tell me a simple explanation of the difference between replica and backup (or link to a ressource that explain it)?

From what I understood, a replica is a ready-to-start new VM copied from an original VM.
A backup is some data stored but not ready-to-start from an original VM.

Am I right?

If we are talking about daily remote jobs, in term of possibility, efficency and speed, is there one to choose more than the other?

Thanks for your help.

edit: found more information in docs>XSIBackup-DC Manual.pdf part "1 - Actions".

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Re: Replica VS Backup differences

Yes, you are right,it's as simple as that.

One of the most recommendable ways of working with (c)XSIBackup-DC, although each master has his small book of secrets, is to replicate a VM to a pasive cluster server and then backup the replica, that way you will have a ready to use VM and on addition you will enjoy the benefit of having multiple restore point for each VM.

We will start to add more documentation case studies and resources as we get to a bug free end of branch


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