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#1 2020-01-10 09:49:27

Don More
Registered: 2020-01-10
Posts: 1

Problem performing a remote backup using xsitools

We have recently purchased XSIbackup-PRO. I have installed it on vmware host A (V6.5)  and obtained an XSIdiff license for A.

I can use the xsitools method to back up VMs on A.

I wish to backup some VMs on B. I set up the job on A. However when I run the job I get:

2020-01-10T09:45:11|  [ha-c7-7] CLRSYNC1 error: (c) XSIDiff not licensed (20.00 GB limit)
cat: can't open '/scratch/XSI/XSIBackup-Pro/conf/err-imsgs': No such file or directory

My question is: Since my PRO license only allows installation on one host (A), how do I generate and use an XSIDiff license on B?

Apologies if I have missed something obvious in the documentation.




#2 2020-01-13 18:08:52

Registered: 2017-04-21
Posts: 2,057

Re: Problem performing a remote backup using xsitools

You have 20 key slots with your Pro license. Get the request.key file in your secondary hosts and upload them to get your license.key files for your secondary hosts. You may need to copy the file ./conf/err-imsgs manually. We'll fix that in next release so that it is automatically copied by the --host argument.

Contact support to request a quick fix if you are in a hurry, the fix is already available. Nevertheless copying the file manually will do it as well.


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