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#1 2019-11-16 15:12:14

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Is moving the backup directory critical when using xsitools or xsidiff


xsi-backup is set up and works fine.  I use a combination of --backup-prog=xsidiff and --backup-prog=xsitools.  The location of the backups as specified under --backup-point did not change so far.  Now I wonder if there would be any negative impact on the existing backup files when moving the backup root directory to a different location.  Clearly, I will set --backup-point to the new directory where I will transfer the existing backup directories.  My concern is that the previously stored delta backup files could break if, and only if, the backup path is somewhere stored in the xsitools/xsidiff repository.

I consulted the forum and the man pages, but unfortunately I was not able to identify whether such a change could cause problems or not.

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#2 2019-11-17 12:41:45

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Re: Is moving the backup directory critical when using xsitools or xsidiff

There isn't such thing as an XSIDiff repository. XSIDiff is just a file copy binary.
You can move an XSITools repository wherever you want, just as long as you move it all and not just some part of it.
On addition and just to prevent missunderstandings, I'll think out loud: what is an XSITools repository?

--backup-prog=Xsitools:z --backup-point="/vmfs/volumes/backup/XSITools-backups/repo1"
--backup-prog=Xsitools:z --backup-point="/vmfs/volumes/backup/XSITools-repo1"
--backup-prog=Xsitools:z --backup-point="/vmfs/volumes/backup/$(date +%Y%m)-xsitools"

It's always your last directory in your --backup-point argument when using XSITools as the --backup-prog, no matter whether it's fixed or dynamic.

So to move the repo1 repository in the first example you would need to move all of it.

mv /vmfs/volumes/backup/XSITools-backups/repo1 /vmfs/volumes/somewhere-else

You may as well copy it


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