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#1 2017-08-02 10:17:56

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Pre sales question - Can XSI do this for me and how

I'm sorry if this is not the right place but I have a pre-sales question.
In our company we have a server with ESXI 6.5 (free) and several VM's. Each VM has a extra virtual harddrive from 1 datastore.

VM1 Nethserver 50gb + 4TB data
VM2 Nethserver 50gb + 1TB data
VM3 Nethserver 50gb + 500GB data

I would prefer to have 2 complete backups.
1) Local network on a synology NAS
2) Somewhere in cloud (we have some CentOS 7 VPS's)

What is the best way of achieving this? And also, I do not read a lot about recovering. How to recover if something goes wrong? Or worst case if our server would be stolen?

I hope someone can give me some advice.


#2 2017-08-02 14:02:37

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Re: Pre sales question - Can XSI do this for me and how

XSIBackup free will allow you to backup to both, local and remote dedicated servers. XSIBACKUP-PRO will allow to transfer just changed blocks to the remote cloud server without any delta checksum lag. Upcoming XSIBACKUP-PRO 10.0.0 will combine those characteristics with XSIDiff which will make first upload much faster than Rsync by just copying used blocks.

VPSs are a cheap option to host some HTTP or e-mail server, definetely not something to use as VM cloud backup storage. CentOS 7 is not as production proven as CentOS 6.8 and ESXi 6.5.0 is not the best production ready ESXi distribution available. Choosing the right versions of an OS to use in production requires a lot of testing and benchmarking. Happily, you have a lot of reviews and forums available in the Internet where you can retrieve information about what are the best choices available.

As a rule of thumb: never use the latest version of anything, unless it has empirically proven to be stable enough and offers some new feature that you objectively need.

XSIBackup allows you to direcly use a VM backup, it's ready to be switched on in the backup location, unless you use Borg or XSITools as the backup end, which will require you to restore the backup by using the restore module. It's an easy operation, just running a command will restore your VM wherever you want at LAN speeds +- 60 mb/s.

If you backup in a cloud, make some quick figures to have an aproximate idea of how long would it take to restore your backups. Per instance, a 100 gb. VM would take around 6 h. to complete, provided that you have a 100 mbps FO that can sustain an average of 4 to 5 mb/s

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