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#1 2018-10-07 00:52:57

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XSIDiff manual job run instance

I think I have found a little bug in xsidiff. Can you please clarify if this is normal behaviour.

We are running XSIDiff configured via the GUI in a job which makes a backup of our virtual machines to another storage aera on a NFS Server.

This runs fine as a cron job at a scheduled time.

If we SSH into our VMWare 6.5 ESXi box and manually run the backup job things run fine. But if we exit out of our SSH session with the virtual machine the job then stops and terminates

Is this the intended behavious of xsidiff or have I to leave the SSH session open when manually invoking a job?

Kind Regards


#2 2018-10-08 20:06:08

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Re: XSIDiff manual job run instance

Yes, that is regular behaviour in Linux shells, when you exit processes are killed by SIGHUP:

https://stackoverflow.com/questions/327 … ich-it-has

If you run manually and want the job to finish, you should do one of these things:

1 - Leave the SSH connection open until the process finishes.
2 - Put the process in the background by adding a NOHUP command first and a & sign at the end of the command.
https://askubuntu.com/questions/8653/ho … sh-session

You might need to wrap your job in a file, in fact that's what XSIBackup does by placing the jobs in job files inside the xsi-dir/jobs directory.

This approach might not work, due to XSIBackup creating many child subprocesses with complex relationships. So you will most probably be bound to just leave the SSH session open. We have not designed XSIBackup to be detached from a TTY.

In full Linux environments, there are tools which allow you to achieve the same goal, like screen.


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