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#1 2021-06-04 14:37:47

Registered: 2018-02-27
Posts: 34

Logs per Job

I am sending the backup logs by smtp to me,
but it is cumbersome to have a review how the backup jobs of the last week/month for a special VM were performed.

Would it be possible to have a local log (eg. in xsi-dir/var/log) per backupjob-id or better per job-description?

Example:  ./var/log/WinADS2.log

Date       Time      JobID  Action     VM-Name         Size       Diff.        State Time          Speed          Compress  Errors
2021-05-29 21:06:12  002    backup   [46] WinADS2     480.01 GB  469.72 GB       1    13:05:52  10.42 MB/s       1               0
2021-06-01 23:00:26  001    replica  [46] WinADS2     480.01 GB  2.76 MB	 1    00:00:15  32768.58 MB/s    1               0
2021-06-02 23:00:21  001    replica  [46] WinADS2     480.01 GB  2.78 MB	 1    00:00:11  44684.43 MB/s    1               0


#2 2021-06-04 22:36:34

Registered: 2017-04-21
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Re: Logs per Job

Well, you already have all that you need to easily arrange something like that. Let us know what your exact goal is and we can prepare some post on the subject which will for sure be interesting to other people.

You can exchange keys with any kind of server and log that info to a Mysql server, to some Syslog server, with which we already offer comatibility, etc...


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