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#1 2020-08-07 12:08:25

Registered: 2020-08-07
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Run XSIBackup as a user different than root


Is it possible to run XSIbackup as a user different than root?

Something like xsi-backup?

If yes what group permissions requires within Esxi?

Please advise

Thank you


#2 2020-08-10 12:49:52

Registered: 2017-04-21
Posts: 2,055

Re: Run XSIBackup as a user different than root

Of course, just make sure that the user you employ has permissions to read data and create/ delete snapshots on the VMs being backed up, as well as full write permissions on the directories where you are writing to

Some people tend to think setting permissions up for this kind of taks is somewhat trivial, when it's not. (c)XSIBackup interacts with vim-cmd as well as other ESXi binaries and utilities that will require different permissions. If this is mandatory for you, instead of using root, it's the perfect excuse to delve into ESXi users and groups and how permissions interact with the system.


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