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#1 2020-03-27 16:25:38

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Question to XSIBackup-DC_Manual

In Manual for XSIBackup-DC at page 3 you can see

XSIBackup-Datacenter may operate in client/server mode. When you transfer data over IP, you
must invoke the xsibackup binary on the other end. If you ommit the --remote-path argument, the
client will look for the binary in the /usr/bin folder of the remote host. You may as well indicate the
remote path by explicitly stating the remote installation path, just like you do with Rsync.


Question: In text is written that --remote-path should be a link to the PATH were xsibackup ist installed.
               In example it Looks for me that the value is the Programm file not the path.

What is correct? Path oder Programm file?


#2 2020-03-30 09:55:09

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Re: Question to XSIBackup-DC_Manual

The path of the binary, binary files also have paths.


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