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#1 2019-11-14 00:06:18

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Pruning big repositories with a small block size may lead to data loss

In case you are using a small block size (1MB) and you plan to maintain big repositories, you should avoid pruning or rotating your backups until we release a fix in next main release.

If the size of the prune logs exceeds the available /tmp space all blocks could be pruned.

Read this post for more details:
https://33hops.com/xsibackup-datacenter … ckups.html

From (c)XSIBackup-DC the main tmp dir used to store the prune logs will be moved to the installation dir root. The recommended installation dir is /scratch/xsi, thusly the new location for the prune dir will be /scratch/xsi/tmp.

The /scratch partition has a default size of 4GB which is more than enough to handle prune logs for multi TB backup sets including many restore points. Nonetheless, in case of facing extremely exigent projects, you should move your scratch dir location to a datastore with enough space, a perfect place would be your SSD cache disk.

To move your /scratch dir symlink to a new location, just create a new dir in the new desired location, i.e.: /vmfs/volumes/datastore1/scratch

mkdir /vmfs/volumes/datastore1/scratch

The use this command to change the location in the ESXi configuration and reboot your server.

vim-cmd hostsvc/advopt/update ScratchConfig.ConfiguredScratchLocation string /vmfs/volumes/datastore1/scratch

You may as well need to move your xsi dir to the new location

mv /vmfs/volumes/old-scratch-volume/xsi /vmfs/volumes/datastore1/scratch


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