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#1 2019-04-24 22:15:47

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Running cron jobs on multiple EXSi servers

If i have 3 VMWare servers on a local LAN. ESXi 6.5 can I schedule and run the cron jobs from one server? XSI-backup would be installed to each VMWare host, ssh enabled between them, Can i setup the cron jobs on one of the servers and have it fire off the jobs to all the servers?

Would I need XSI Pro to do this, or will it work from Free version.

On a side note, can this be installed and run from a Pi device or standalone linux box to schedule and run the jobs over ssh to VM hosts?

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#2 2019-04-25 10:06:26

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Re: Running cron jobs on multiple EXSi servers

You need the Pro version to launch remote jobs via the [https://33hops.com/xsibackup-help-man-page.html#manhost]--host[/url] option. Yes, you can use any outer cron system that can reach your ESXi servers (your fridge if it can run crond), you can put the public SSL key of that cron scheduler in each of the ESXi servers' authorithed_keys file to allow it execute jobs without login, or you can use any SSH client that allows implicit password authentication, like sshpass


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