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#1 2019-04-12 07:13:26

Registered: 2017-12-05
Posts: 58

option --backup-room not working with vmkfstools

When I use option --backup-room in combination with --backup-prog=vmkfstools
it does not report the free space and also does not delete old backups.

The report always says:

The backup room has been limited to 2500 Gb.
Available room in device /vmfs/volumes/backup/s41/2019KW15vmkfstools before backup: 2500 Gb.
Available space in device /vmfs/volumes/backup/s41/2019KW15vmkfstools after backup: 2500 Gb.

It is always reporting the space given as --backup-room parameter but not the actual free space.
When using  --backup-prog=xsitools instead the free space is reported correctly.

The man page says:

Once this limit is reached the eldest backup folders with XSIBackup folder mask will be deleted.

But what is the "XSIBackup folder mask" ? The man page doesn't explain this.


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