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#1 2019-03-26 15:42:24

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Backup to SMB Shares


I'm sorry if I have overlooked something in the manual (c)XSIBackup Classic Man page or in the change log ((c)XSIBackup Classic: changes introduced from v. 11), but is there any way to backup VMs to a windows file server share?

We have customers which are interested in a virtual machine which should be hosted on a simple server hardware where we are using ESXI 6.7 on a USB-Stick. The server itself has two 300GB-Harddisks as RAID to host the virtual machine.

Now we want to backup the vm every night - but the customer has no other ESXI-Systems running, they are more familiar with the windows world.

Of course we could place 2 additional hard disks in the server which could be used for the backups, but then we have everything in the same location and that's not the optimal way.

Thanks a lot!


#2 2019-03-27 10:49:31

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Re: Backup to SMB Shares

You can achieve that in many different ways:

1 - Install NFS services in the Windows server and attach some volume to the ESXi server as a datastore.
2 - Buy some NAS device and install those two disks there. Then you can share the NAS volume both as NFS and SAMBA to be seen by the ESXi host as a datastore and the Windows machines as a CIFS (Samba) share.
3 - Install the Linux subsystem on the Windows server and target it through SSH from XSIBackup.


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