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Restore Failed

Old server is crashed. So i took a backup on a new server and want to restore this.
Got the following error on both disks. The vm had 2 HDDs.
"DiskLib_Check() failed for source disk The specified feature is not supported by this version (24)."


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Re: Restore Failed

You are publishing on the XSIBackup-Free forum. Free version does not have a restore feature.
You are most probably trying to use a -flat.vmdk file as a descriptor.
We highly recommend that you keep a reliable copy of your data before actually doing anything else, you are most probably making wrong assumptions, and that can be dangerous.
You don't boot a VM on a -flat.vmdk file but on the file descriptor. Please start reading here:

https://www.vmware.com/support/ws55/doc … _a_vm.html


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