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#1 2018-11-29 21:09:12

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rsync username

NOTE: This may be a similar question to one someone else posted (which I don't think got understood) but that was in the XSIBACKUP-FREE section so I thought I would post my question here.

I am changing my backup configuration so that I can rsync data to a separate Linux machine configured as a nas box.
When I try to create a job to use rsync, the GUI asks me for the remote host details (IP, port and remote path), BUT it appears to assume the access is via 'root'.
In my environment I do not allow direct root access to the server, I log in with another account and then 'sudo su' to get root privileges.

Is it possible to get xsibackup to ask for a username when accessing the linux machine?

What I would like to do is something along the lines of...
but of course that sysntax is not valid

Maybe I am just misunderstanding the process.

What I have at present, which works reasonably well, is my nas servers implement nfs. From the VMWare machines, I mount that nfs volume as a datastore 'backup'.. I then use the vmfs tools to do what it now considers as a local backup to to that second datastore (even though in reality - it isn't local, just locally mounted).

I want to test to see if the rsync method will be faster before I maybe move forwards with other methods.



#2 2018-11-30 14:56:17

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Re: rsync username

Edit the job manually and add --backup-as=backupuser as an argument, that will override root as the default user. You neverthless need to know what are the implications and how this will affect the backup job.

If you try to use a different user than root and then try to use key authentication, the Linux OS will look for a matching key, not in /root/.ssh/authorized_keys but in the /home/backupuser/.ssh/authorized_keys file, so you will need to previously copy the key to that file.

Rsync is the slowest of all IP backup methods.


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