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#1 2018-07-27 14:40:56

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Recover: method or software to speed up transfer rates

Hi all,

I am testing recovery options and I stuck in speed perfomances.
Backups are in datastore "VMBACKUPS" and had to be "copied" to "datastoreesx1".
Average speed is 80-100MBit/s.
Average speed copying to ssd datastore is around 120-160 MBit/s.

This is ~10-12MB/s or 15-20 MB/s !

Copy methods are vmkfstools -i, cp, Datastore copy files in vCenter web client, VEEAM Backup!
Max speed is with vmkfstools just before cp, transfer rates are above.
All others are really really slow.

Does anyone know a good performant copy method/software ?


#2 2018-07-30 10:37:03

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Re: Recover: method or software to speed up transfer rates

I'm sorry sir, but we are not quite getting what you try to say. If you are using the Free version and want to use a backup, you have various choices:

1 - Use the VM where it was backed up by just adding it to your inventory.
2 - Copy it somewhere else and then add it to your inventory
3 - If you are using (c)XSITools or Borg as backup programs, you will need the Pro version.

In case you are in situation number 2 and want to copy the backup folder somewhere else, you may very well use Vmkfstools, that should give you 70-80 mb/s of sustained transfer rate, at a minimum. If you are getting poor transfer rates when using Vmkfstools, the most likely reason is that you have some clogged or cheap network hardware in the path.

Please, do keep in mind that cheap gigabit switches and NICs will normally offer a real speed about what your are declaring: 10-12MB/s or 15-20 MB/s

vCenter and other backup software vendors, such as Veeam have nothing to do with the matter.


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