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#1 2018-02-01 01:30:29

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xsi-backup and snapshots

Hi, I'm having an issue with xsibackup not backing up snapshots. When I run it, everything seems to work, and it also makes a snapshot and backs up the .vmsd file, which seems like the logical thing to do. However, when I try restoring the VM from a snapshot or creating a new snapshot and then restoring it it fails, because xsibackup is not copying the actual .vmsn files.. I don't understand what the purpose of copying the .vmsd file and making a snapshot, if the actual snapshots are not being backed up.. Unless I'm getting confused about something, either way if someone could help me.


#2 2018-02-01 18:16:37

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Re: xsi-backup and snapshots

XSIBackup-Free is a basic version. Try XSIBackup_pro and see if it suits your needs. If you find something that could be improved or some new functionality that you think would be useful, just let us know.


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