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#1 2017-12-20 04:54:17

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XSI Replication to Another server & then backup


i wanted to know following backup  environment  possible.

VM has ERP Database Running, we can able to take backup by shutting down the VM ERP, after backup it starts, that’s fine.

But the customer wanted to replicate running ERP VM continuously with another server vm, is that possible? because customer said, cant afford any downtime for ERP, if the ERP is been accessing 24/7 by users, so cant shut-down. also we experienced if we do Live Running ERP Backup, then the ERP facing some crashes difficulties. Can you advice the solution.

Is following implementation possible from XSIBACKUP

                                   Continuous Replication                                            Backup to NAS
RUNNING ERP VM    ================>>>>  REPLICATED ERP VM   ================>>>> NAS Drive.

Your response will be highly appreciated.



#2 2017-12-20 11:57:12

Registered: 2017-04-21
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Re: XSI Replication to Another server & then backup

There is a conceptual flaw in your question. XSIBackup is a backup tool, if you introduce the "Continuous replication", or we should say "real time replication" concept, then you are talking about something different. You could use a backup tool to replicate your VMs in a loop, but that would be like using a loaf of bread as a hammer, not impossible, but not best choice either.

If you want real time replication, then you need to think at the file system level and use some FUSE file system (GlusterFS, HDFS) that allows to distribute data across different nodes in a network, or tools like DRBD


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