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#1 Today 08:46:56

Registered: 2019-09-10
Posts: 6

Config cron

I am running XSIBackup-Pro.  The GUI does not start.

To save me days of trying to work this out - again - please would you give me the command line instruction to update my cron

XSIBackup is installed in directory scratch
My jobs are configured in the jobs folder
The new crontab settings are in the conf folder

When I check the /var/spoo/cron/crontabs/root
It is not updating.

Busybox seems to be running.

I am sorry for the tone - but I've spent **hours** with the documentation for this program without getting far.  So some straightforward troubleshooting would be appreciated.



#2 Today 11:28:29

Registered: 2017-04-21
Posts: 2,072

Re: Config cron

To invoke the GUI rin xsibackup-gui from the comamnd line.
To update your cron use the GUI preferably, or just edit the crontab at:

You should preferably use the GUI, as the ESXi crontab is not persistent and editing the crontab manually will only work until next reboot.
By using the GUI ©XSIBackup will take care to add and entry to ©ESXi startup scripts so that the cron is refilled across reboots.


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