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#1 2024-02-13 17:16:59

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XSI Backup Usage of CBT with a rotation


I'm using the latest released Version of the XSIBackup-DC ( and i was wondering if i could use the CBT functionality with the argument rotation. I imagine, that when deleting a backup the CBT can't track the changed blocks because some backups with cbt informations are missing. Does the XSI Backup already consider that? If not, is it possible to use CBT in combination with the rotation argument?

Addition: I just saw that this is propably the wrong thread hmm You can move if you want to, thanks!

Thanks for your help and have a great day!

Best regards, Marcello

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#2 2024-02-14 18:54:04

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Re: XSI Backup Usage of CBT with a rotation

Yes, it's the wrong forum, we moved it here.
Yes, of course you can use CBT with rotation. You are probably making wrong assumptions, CBT doesn't probably work the way you think it does.


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