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#1 2023-03-07 12:16:49

Registered: 2023-03-07
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XSI Backup 2.0 - restore syntax?


I'm new with XSI backup and I'm testing v2. I managed to make an backup but now I can't find the right syntax for restore on another ESXi hypervisior.

Backup is saved in /mnt/warehouse/20230307114112/Linux-test (for backup I'm using storage on appliance)
ESXi where i want to restore it is on, and directory is /vmfs/volumes/datastore1/Linux-production

Here is what I tried:
xsibackup --restore /mnt/warehouse/20230307114112/Linux-test

but I get:
The restore target can't be evaluated as a valid path

I did add host with xsibackup --add-host command



#2 2023-03-08 09:02:19

Registered: 2017-04-21
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Re: XSI Backup 2.0 - restore syntax?

You can't restore to a remote server, you can restore from a remote server though.
Still you are missing the username part in your restore job.

Your best approach is to install (c)XSIBackup alone in the server you want to restore to and pull the backup from there.

xsibackup --restore root@a.b.c.d:22:/mnt/warehouse/20230307114112/Linux-test /vmfs/volumes/datastore1/Linux-production

You can also add your restore target server as a backup host and use the local mount point /mnt/XSI/srvs/ to restore directly. Still be warned that depending on your latency to the target server the second approach may be too slow. In this case use the pull approach instead.


#3 2023-03-08 12:35:05

Registered: 2023-03-07
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Re: XSI Backup 2.0 - restore syntax?

Thanks! Because of ESXi 8.x and up limitation and future proof, we would definitely like to go with v2 of XSI backup. We are planing to deploy XSIBackup-DC on 3 ESXi hosts. Appliance is installed on one of those hosts, from which we would like to do backup / restore tasks. VMs are not big, because we split tasks among more VMs.

I just wasn't sure about source / target position in syntax, and you cleared that to me, thanks! We successfully restored VM directly to ESXi via  /mnt/XSI/srvs/... (pull approach). Works like a charm. I need to test a little bit more, but soon we are going for a licensees.
Thank you for great product!


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