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#1 2022-03-18 18:24:55

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download free or free classic

hi all,

what is the difference between

free -
free classic - 11.2.9

obviously il install the same on each host


EDIT - i see the old "free" one has changed names to "free classic" due to esxi 7 coming out

if i use the new free one ie "free" can i still backup vms over 100gig or is that only available in the "free classic" one

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#2 2022-03-18 20:08:54

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Re: download free or free classic

Free Classic is the old edition of our software, while plain Free is the latest edition.

Classic is based on scripts while the current edition is the same concept although radically different in design, as latest (c)XSIBackup is programmed in pure C + Assembly and offers features that Classic version was far from having: compatibility with ESXi 7.0, differential backup, CBT or Granular Restores are some of them.

If you just want something that allows you to copy your VMs in some (c)ESXi version below 7.0 -as they are- to some local datastore then Classic version will do it without size limits.


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