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#1 2021-12-27 20:08:50

Registered: 2021-12-27
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Failed to clone disk: Invalid argument (1441801)

I configured a backup of a VM with 2 virtuals disks and all was working ok, but from several weeks ago I'm getting the following error when backing up the second virtual disk:

Destination disk format: VMFS thin-provisioned
Cloning disk '/vmfs/volumes/disk1/Windows2019/Windows2019_1.vmdk'...
Clone: 27% done.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
2021-12-23T17:57:30|  [SERVIDOR] CLVMKFS1 error: Failed to clone disk: Invalid argument (1441801).

The % at the fault usually goes from 20% to 27%.
I get the same error with the VM on or off

I haven't found information about "Failed to clone disk: Invalid argument (1441801)"

Any ideas will be very appreciate,
Thank you
Miquel Àngel Guerrero


#2 2021-12-29 13:24:13

Registered: 2017-04-21
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Re: Failed to clone disk: Invalid argument (1441801)

You are not offering crucial details, such as the (c)ESXi version or wether you added some snapshot.
Nonetheless you will find some clues in this post:

Continuum's is probably the best advice you can get.


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