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#1 2021-10-28 08:49:09

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Error: .lock on repository/data/.blocklog' after 30s


It's two days that a particular VM backup goes KO with this email log (xsibackup.log is same). XSIbackup-dc is version

Detected errors:

· none: 2021-10-27T04:00:32 | Error code 4170 at file common.c, line 4170 | Error description: .lock on '/vmfs/volumes/backupsvms/PreludeData/data/.blocklog' after 30 s
· none: 2021-10-27T04:00:32 | Error code 3289 at file xsibackup.c, line 3289 | Error description: something went wrong grabbing .blocklog data, error: No such file or directory
· linux-mail-55: 2021-10-27T08:10:38 | Error code 4694 at file xsibackup.c, line 4694 | Error description: some error/s were raised while backing up: VMs(linux-mail-55), error count is: 2

Where is the .lock file? Inside data dir? I cannot find it anywhere. I don't have any concurrent jobs from other machines in that timeframe but I know it should be handled by XSI anyway: it locks just for the time needed to read manipulate write blocklog file right?

Question: why it does not stop on error but goes on copying entire VMs files? (in my casa are which are huge 300GB...)

Now I am updating that node to XSI (latest version).
I will postpone that backup job this afternoon to see if I can reproduce.


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#2 2021-10-28 14:23:06

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Re: Error: .lock on repository/data/.blocklog' after 30s

Well, delete the blocklog.log.lock file but check it's creation time before doing so, that will offer you some hint on when the file was created. Which process did so is something that you will have to determine.


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