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#1 2021-09-26 21:30:05

From: Munich
Registered: 2019-07-08
Posts: 104

XSIBackup-DC VMs not selectable via regexp with --backup=cbt


What I am doing wrong when I want to backup VMs based on a regexp in back mode --backup=cbt?

I entered:


to select all my CBT replicated and registered VMs which end with "_XSIREP". Nevertheless, I receive the following error message:

2021-09-26T17:22:31 | Error code 2882 at file xsibackup.c, line 2882 | Error description: could not find any VM in list: ^.*_XSIREP$, please check that the VM files exist

When I create a long list of all VMs separated by commas, I can backup them.

Best regards,


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