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#1 2021-08-25 03:10:58

Registered: 2019-01-03
Posts: 50

Delete unmapped blocks

Hi ... My backup datastore got full so I had to manually delete some dated folders containing the .map files in a repository to make room.
What I want to do now is check the repository so that those blocks that are not referenced in any existing .map are deleted.


#2 2021-08-26 16:44:52

Registered: 2017-04-21
Posts: 2,055

Re: Delete unmapped blocks

That's not how you make room in a deduplicated repository. You have to use the --prune action:

./xsibackup --prune /vmfs/volumes/backup/some-repository/20210330100333

Now that you deleted the .map files, there is no way to know which blocks are exclusive to your new set. Start a new repo.


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