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#1 Re: General matters » consolidating snapshots » 2020-01-23 07:41:31

In production folder, there are more files than in backup folder. *-000001-sesparse.vmdk, *-000002.vmdk, *-000001.vmdk (I think these files are snapshots vmdk), vmware.log, *-snapshot7.vmsn.

In backup folder are only 5 files - *.vmx,*.vmdk, flat file, *.nvram, *.vmsd. So it is not true that xsibackup copy folder as it is - some files are skipped.

Result is, that after recovery folder these files are missing and VM cant start because there are snapshots it depends on but files are missing in folder.

Please where can be problem?

Thank you

#2 General matters » consolidating snapshots » 2020-01-20 08:00:55

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We are using XSIBACKUP-FREE 11.0.1. for backups VM in Esxi 6.7.

This is our backup option:

"/vmfs/volumes/SSD_datastore/XsiBackup/xsibackup" --backup-point="/vmfs/volumes/Synology NFS/esxibackups-poweroff" --backup-how=cold --backup-type=custom --shutdown-wait=320 --backup-vms=XXX --date-dir=yes --backup-room=2000 --smart-info --mail-from=XXX@XXX –XXX@XXX --smtp-srv=smtp.gmail.com --smtp-port=465 --smtp-auth=yes --smtp-sec=SSL --smtp-usr=XXX --smtp-pwd=XXX

It seems that xsi does not consolidate snapshots before backup. So after machine recovery (copy from „backup datastore“ to „production datastore“) and
register to vmware inventory machine cant start – snapshot files is missing in backup (and also in recovered) folder.

Is there any parameter to cinsolidate snapshot before backup?
Is possible to define count of backups? I mean to hold f.e.  3 last backup instead of define backup room size?

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