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#1 General matters » xsibackup free 10.30.0 - errors detected in backup job!! but no errors » 2018-03-03 13:08:21

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I upgraded to 10.3.0 free version and now I see in emails subject: ✖ XSIBACKUP errors detected in backup job!!.... But inside I don't see any errors.

https://owncloud.filipczak.net/index.ph … o/download

#2 General matters » XSIBackup VM exclusions from --backup-type=running or all » 2017-06-27 12:08:16

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I would like to do backup all runing vm' s with vm and disk exclusions.

Now Im doing backup

--backup-vms="VM1!VM1_1.vmdk" --backup-type=running

but I have one machine with hardware pci passthrou, and is not possible to backup it in warm state becuase snapshoot is not posiible to do.

Please add possibility to exclude vm from all runing vm's

I have runing vm's:
VM0 - with pci passthrou
VM1 - runing, but one disk is a not important data
VM2 - runing
I would like to do something like that in backup command options:

--backup-vms="!VM0,VM1!VM1_1.vmdk" --backup-type=running

Expected effect:

VM0 is excluded from backup job
VM1 is backuped without VM1_1.vmdk
VM2 is backuped

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