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#1 General matters » Backup seems to lock up? » 2019-12-03 18:26:15

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Running a 'hot' backup (from command line - see previous post re. GUI issues)

I can see the snapshot being initiated. The job logs the following to the console:

grep: /vmfs/volumes/core/_my_vm_name_/c7-3_0-000001-sesparse.vmdk: Device or resource busy

and then seems to hang indefinitely.

*Frankly, I'm worried*. Flaky gui, and now flaky jobs, in a really vanilla environment. Not what I expect at all for paid software, especially mission critical software....

#2 General matters » GUI problems » 2019-12-03 17:01:09

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I've just purchased a licence for XSIBackup.

I'm running ESXI free v.6.5.0. I've got one backup job configured via the GUI OK, but now if I try and either Edit that job or Add another job, I get a page of 'help' text telling me how to navigate with nCurses when pressing 'Next' on the backup options settings dialogue. It's impossible to get past that page - pressing OK, <Esc>, <Enter> has no affect.

Full path:

Jobs -> Add -> Local -> Backup Options -> Next

Really frustrating, and very basic issue I'm sure...

(FWIW the host I am logging to Esxi from is Ubuntu 19.04 with a standard xterm.)

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