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#1 Re: General matters » includememory for backup? » 2019-08-29 13:20:29

I was already thinking about stopping the database service for a few minutes, its not a problem with our usage. Thanks for all the info, will keep that in mind. Thank you. smile This topic can be closed.

#2 General matters » includememory for backup? » 2019-08-28 11:35:18

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Im getting familiar with ESXi Free 6.7 and decided to use XSIBackup-Free. I would like to ask about the --snapshot=includememory parameter. Its available in the free version, but i can find the use for it.

Once the underlying vmdk file is copied to the backup location, all i can do to restore it is to copy it back and power on the VM (aka boot the OS again). So why is there an option to include memory, when i cant restore the running state of VM? I understand the use of saving memory while taking snapshots (like in webgui, or on other virt. solutions), but not while creating a backup with XSIbackup Free.

I have read your instruction about restoring [1] and snapshots principles on VMware [2], still cant understand whats the use for include memory on free version. Could someone elaborate?

[1] (c)XSIBackup Classic Restores

"XSIBackup copies the .vmx and the .vmdk files "as they are" to their backup point, thus simply copying them back to their original location is enough to restore the contents of these files. "

[2] Overview of virtual machine snapshots

"This option is selected by default. If this option is not selected, and quiescing is not selected, the snapshot will create files which are crash-consistent, which you can use to reboot the virtual machine."

For now i have decided to use --backup-type=running for now, because so far it works great even after "restoration" and low impact on running VM, but im concerned about SQL server consistency in the future. Currently Im running just a test server, not a production environment. Thank you in the advance.

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