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#1 Re: General matters » error: XSIDiff error, details: rekeyed outbound cipher » 2020-03-15 14:25:44

any chance to provide this 'fix' also to free version ?

#2 General matters » XSI Backup 11.0.1 , ESXi 6.7 ERROR HWVMISTM » 2018-08-24 08:49:11

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I have XSI Backup 11.0.1 installed on ESXi 6.7.0 build-8169922
When i try to backup VMs with HW version 14 it fails with following error:

Last error raised for the above VM:
ERROR HWVMISTM, details: Error: hardware version incompatibility, details: HW version is 14 while ESXi version is 6.5.0

But in fact as I mentioned ESXi  is in version 6.7 and HW version should be compatible



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