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#1 Re: General matters » 33hops.com Registered Users -> Unable to login? » 2018-01-04 15:20:09

To close the loop on this (for anyone else who may be following or find this later):

I can now access the registered users section, but only after someone reset the "date" on my account.
(Same/similar problem as 'tschonn') It wasn't anything cache/browser related.

#2 Re: General matters » 33hops.com Registered Users -> Unable to login? » 2018-01-03 16:57:03

Just wanted to update with a note that I haven't yet been able to login.

For additional troubleshooting: I created a brand new Windows 2016 Server instance on AWS EC2 and a fresh install of Chrome
(which...shouldn't have any kind of cached data at all).  This still doesn't let me sign in.  It says "credentials accepted" and then drops me back into the main page.

I sent an email to support with the Remote Desktop credentials to test.

#3 Re: General matters » 33hops.com Registered Users -> Unable to login? » 2017-12-29 16:21:58

Thanks for moving the topic, I realized that error after I already posted.

For what it's worth, I'm in the US, and have tried from 3 Different Machines: both Windows 7 and Mac.
Firefox 57, Chrome 63, Internet Explorer 11, and Safari 11 browsers.

Most of these have never visted 33hops.com before, but I still get the same behavior-- so i'm reasonably certain it's not a caching problem.

I also noticed the "Detected tax zone" ( https://33hops.com/xsibackup-pro-vmware … ackup.html ) is always selected as "Spain" (where it seemed to properly detect myself being the US previously).

This is similar to issues I've run into with my own servers being behind CloudFlare, (rather than anything client-side).
If you want access to a proxy or remote desktop session for testing from another perspective, let me know.

#4 General matters » 33hops.com Registered Users -> Unable to login? » 2017-12-29 00:29:59

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Is it just me, or is the "Registered Users" section on 33hops.com redirecting in circles?


(It appears to accept credentials, but not seeming to set the "logged in" cookie).  I was hoping to download the current version of XSIBackup-Pro, but I don't seem to be getting anywhere.

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