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Some general interest data about 33HOPS

el equipo de 33hops

33HOPS was born in 1996 as ARTICO an enterprise that arose in the emerging new technologies environment of the late 90s designing web pages and some of the first interactive web programming in Spain. As the posibilities of the Internet technologies expanded the enterprises realized about the potential that these new technologies comprised and ARTICO was there to help them. led some of the first serious .com e-commerce and interactive web projects in Spain in these late 90s like, or, this last project acquired by YUPI Internet, a Miami based company.

In 2003 33HOPS was founded as the result of some of the original ARTICO founders being interested in deepening in the systems engineering world and the use of emerging technologies like virtualization, VoIP and framework standarization of development processes to the enterprise world. Since its foundation 33HOPS has developed IT projects for clients such as: Halifax Bank, Nokia, Samsung, Vodafone, Sony Ericsson, Cemusa, Skypoint, Oceanor, etc...

In 2008 we started developing ©VMWare backup & replication solutions for our customers, in 2013 we started distributing our software in the Internet as Open Source and in 2016 we started selling commercial solutions based on our previous experience.