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XSIDiff, differential copy for Vmware ESXi 5.1, 5.5 & 6.0

BETA: use with caution!
We take no responsability for any data loss. Read the license carefully.
This Beta preview is limited to mirroring 10 gb.
Run ./xsidiff --help to see all options and usage.

 2016-09-24 Beta 0.9.3 now faster and working over SSH!.

What is it?

XSIDiff is an executable that scans through two files in parallel, and detects changed bytes in the first file, that are then transfered to the exact same position in the second file. XSIDiff will create a second file if it is not present in the given path. If the second file is present but it is of a different size than its counterpart XSIDiff will truncate/expand it to the exact same size as the first by aligning to the first byte. This way it can take advantage of any pre-existing data in the second file that might already be a copy of that on the first. XSIDiff opens the first file in read-only mode, so it won't damage your existing data. You should make sure that the mirrored data is consistent though, especially while trying beta versions.

XSIDiff is programmed in pure C, so it is optimized for high speed transfers. It is able to scan many gigabytes per minute, speed may vary though depending on your hardware. It compares and copies data at block level and has a very low footprint. CPU usage has also been optimized for maximum speed and low resource utilization. It also preserves sparse VMDK files.

The version offered here for download is compiled for VMWare ESXi versions 5.1, 5.5, 6.0. If you find some problem in executing this program in any of the above environments, please let us know. We will soon release different versions for other Linux/Unix distributions.


Download XSIDiff Beta

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- Compatible with the free and commercial versions of VMWare ESXi, from ESXi 5.1 upwards.
- Command line tool with real time output, self contained, runs directly in the hypervisor
- Can mirror VMDK files at high speed.
- Pure C implementation, ultra low footprint.
- Preserves sparsity of VMDK files.
- Copies only changed bytes.

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